Jeff Caven Resort Hotel Photography

Jeff Caven is an Architectural photographer and Lifestyle Photographer who specializes in both Resort Photography and Hotel Photography. Resort Hotel Photography studios are based in Seattle and Tacoma Washington. We travel throughout North America and the world creating world-class imagery for our premier and economy clients. Resort Hotel Photography is competitive in Photography pricing and dynamic in issues of creativity and problem solving.

Client Projects

This is where we tell the story of the Resorts and Hotels you see on this site. We provide interesting content about the construction and design of the hotel. What makes it a Green Hotel or an Eco-friendly resort? We capture the unique features about the location, accoutrements, Spa or accommodations. We describe the fabulous food and the people who create it. It's a resource that is marketed to the Editorial and Advertising community. All Images from the client projects and slideshows are available for licensing.

Architectural Interior Photography

A talented Architectural Interior Photographer stimulates the senses and emotions. As the Resort Hotel Photographer utilizes lighting to make the camera see what the eye sees. We combine this fusion to create exciting, emotional and accurate Resort Hotel Photography that captures your destination as it truly is, which is what the modern Hospitality client expects. Hotel Room photography is a specialty of ours. We capture the essence of your rooms at their best time, representing the finest aspects and details, giving your guests something to look forward to.

Sustainable Hospitality

The properties represented by the New Mexico Resort and Hotel Photography, Washington State Resort Photography and our clients worldwide all have a commitment to Sustainability. In the construction and daily operations these properties have a deep devotion to protecting the environment by reducing consumption, reuse, recycling, using environmentally friendly products and making smart decisions when building. While all the Resorts and Hotels we photograph would not be considered Green Hotels they have all used strategies that would be considered Eco-friendly. The construction of the Hotel Artesia used smart applications like recessed windows, good insulation and smart color choices to save energy everyday and help improve the bottom line. LDG Architects from Taos, New Mexico used state of the Art Storm Water and Wastewater reclamation systems to reduce water usage. They also employed a Ground Loop Heat Exchange system to reduce the amount of Fossil Fuels used at the Green Resort. Washington State Ski Resorts Summit at Snoqualmine and Crystal Mountains both support the Skigreen program and carpooling to help offset carbon emissions. Heritage Hotels and Resorts uses Eco-friendly solutions everyday like low flow toilets to conserve water, Energy Star rated office equipment and non-toxic cleaning supplies.

Resort Hotel Photography Pricing

This is what gets searched for most on the internet for Resort Hotel Photography. The best thing to do is call or email us the scope of your project. i.e. 10 Hotel rooms, 3 King Suites, 2 Ballrooms, front desk image, restaurant interior, etc, and we can put together an estimate so you can compare pricing. We have several pricing models that can fit almost any budget. We understand usage and the copyright protection and utilize strategies to protect our client's interests.

Resort Hotel Photography

Communicating the experience of your Resort, Hotel or Spa is our job. We want your guests to feel the Hospitality before they even arrive. Resort Hotel Photographer is about the ability to communicate all aspects of your property: from the excitement of Ski Photography, to the luxury of the Spa experience and the comfort and warmth shown in our exceptional Hotel Room Photography. Location Food photography is a challenging aspect of Resort Photography that requires a fusion of still life photography with the excitement of melting ice cream because it's on location. Resort Hotel Photography is about capturing the imagination of your destination. We specialize in Hotel Photography, Resort Photography and Spa Photography. The Lifestyle Photography requires all of the same attention to detail, timing, lighting and perseverance that goes into our beautiful Architectural and Interior Photography. As Lifestyle Photographers we at Resort Hotel Photography have participated in the sports and activities you see on this website. Lucky us! Is it obvious that we are blatantly infusing prime keywords into this text? Can you forgive us? To make up for our gratuitous use of keywords we sometimes work for free. We provide non-profit photography to charities our clients support with Pro bono Photography. We have donated photography and the expenses required to produce it to the Habitat for Humanity, Special Olympics, Citizens for a Healthy Bay, and the Adaptive Ski Program. Check out images in the Giving Back section of this website. Check out our Architectural Interior Photographer website.